Fresco and Friends

For my location recording I am collaborating with Bryant on recording the band “The Scenic Route.”  We plan to record with them on February 10th.  We decided to attend and record one of the bands performances at the Grog Shop on Sunday Jan. 22.  We figured that it would be good practice and that we could use the recordings as our scratch tracks.  After I mentioned the show to Bryant he spoke with the band’s manager to make sure we had their permission to record.  I borrowed a classmates Zoom H4n Handy Modile 4-Track Recorder.  Mike, another classmate, works at the Grog Shop and happened to be running out on the night of the show.  We spoke with him ahead of time to decide on the best way for us to record their set.

Mike was mixing the show on a Midas X32 console.  He was able to send his mix through the Main Outputs of the board using two XLR cables.  We then plugged the XLR cables into the mic inputs of the Zoom handheld recorder.  We also recorded through the Zoom’s internal microphones (placed in XY Coincident).  *In the end the recordings from the internal microphones sounded more balanced.  The recordings from the board were somewhat distorted.*

I have also reached out to another artist, Yanna, about potentially recording her performance at Take5 on Friday January 27th.

*4/15/17 update.  The Handheld Zoom allows you to send Mic or Line Level signal into the zoom by using the XLR inputs for Mic Level or the 1/4″ inputs for Line Level.  I have since learned that when recording a line level signal into the Zoom Handheld device (ex. the signal level coming from the Midas X32) the 1/4″ TRS cables MUST be used.  Otherwise the signal will be distorted.  This is why the audio we recorded from the board sounded distorted.*

Fresco and Friends Flyer
Midas X32
The Scenic Route @ The Grog Shop



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