The week of Jan. 22nd

23 Monday I spent time creating sessions for “Diary,” “These Walls,” my location recording and mixes.  I added all anticipated tracks, BPM, Time signature, the original song and reference material as well as organized and color coded the tracks.  I chose “Make My” by The Roots as my reference for “These Walls.”  I am still searching for a song to use as reference material for “Diary.”

24 Tuesday I had my first meeting with Mr. Hartzell about my progress so far.  In class he spoke about not breaking the chain.  In other words, I should work on something Capstone related everyday to avoid falling behind.  I also spoke with Celeste about the music sheets for the two songs I plan to cover (“Diary” and “These Walls”).  She understands music theory much better than I do.  I’m working with her to make sure I can provide my artists with the tools they will  need to perform well.

25 Wednesday I was supposed to meet with my drummer this past Friday.  He had something come up so we spoke about rescheduling our meeting.

26 Thursday I began working on my mix and received some tips from Mr. Kennedy and Russell.  They suggested finding the tempo and key of the song first, creating markers for every part of the song and cleaning up anything that isn’t needed.  I also met with my drummer for a short meeting so that we could practice a bit, go over some ideas for the songs and figure out what days would work best for recording.

27 Friday Francis and I spent some time in the Toft to practice setting up, miking, and recording a drum set.  Later that night I saw “Yana” perform at Take5.  She will be singing on “Diary.”  I recorded her show with a Zoom handheld recorder for reference.

Input sheet for Friday Drum practice*

*Overheads: used AT-4050 in place of Cascade Fatheads
Hi Hat: used Neumann KM-184 in place of AT 4041

Yanna at Take5






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