Pre-Production (Drums)

Today I turned in the first draft of my mix.  One note that I received was that I should bring the guitars out more during the solo.  We’ll be receiving peer reviews as well so I’ll be able to make more improvements based on that critique.  My drummer and I have decided to record Thursday February 9th.  I spent a little time filling out forms for my Thursday Drum session.  Below is a list of mics that I plan to use.  I am miking mt overheeads in Coincident XY and “RecorderMan” to see which sound I like better for these songs.

Kick In: Audix D6
Kick Out: Yamaha Subkick
Snare Top: Shure SM 57
Snare Bottom: Shure SM 57
Tom 1: Sennheiser MD 421
Tom 2: Sennheiser MD 421
Floor Tom: Sennheiser MD 421
Hi Hat: AT 4051
OH L (XY): Cascade Fathead
OH R (XY): Cascade Fathead
OH L (Recorder Man): AT 4050
OH R (Recorder Man): AT 4050

Recorder Man Overhead Miking Technique




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