Drum Session (TLAudio)

February 9th, 2017

Today I recorded drums with my drummer, Scott, through the TL console.  I originally wanted to record in the larger live room on the SSL Duality console but it was not available when my drummer was available.  I didn’t want to wait any longer to record drums and risk falling behind schedule.  A hand full of changes were made because of time constraints.  I was able to access the studio an hour early to begin set up. I ran into Javier so he volunteered to help which helped a lot.  Scott arrived at 5:45p.  By then we had the drum set ready and the majority of the mics set.

I originally planned to mic the Tom drums with Sennheiser MD 421’s but because Scott didn’t utilized the Toms in either song we didn’t need to mic them.  I had also planned to run the kick and snare drum microphones through the Vintech X73 Pre-Amp to see if I could get a fuller sound but when we patched the pre-amp into the patch bay there was a lot of noise on the channels.  I decided that there wasn’t enough time to troubleshoot the problem so I chose to use the consoles pre-amps instead.  Once everything was set up and Scott was ready I made sure to turn the gain up on my pre-amps until I was happy with the levels I was getting from each microphone.

Next, I checked the phase of my drums.  Making sure your microphones are in phase is extremely important when dealing with multiple microphones.  If microphones are not in phase with each other the sound may appear weaker due to phase cancellation.  It is possible to try to fix these losses in frequency information by adding EQ when editing/mixing.  However, it is better to stray away from trying to add something to a recorded sound that was not originally there at the risk of it not sounding good.  In short, it is better to try to record the sound that you want from the microphone as opposed to trying to fix it with EQ.

Click Here to see instructions for checking phase as described by one of my professors, David Piatek.

Once we finished recording the songs I made sure to record single shots of Scott hitting the kick, snare, hi-hat and cymbals so that I would have samples to use in case I had to replace or supplement any drum sounds.  Overall I believe the session went well and that I have enough material to work with.

Snare and Kick mics
Overheads and Kick mics



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