2nd Piano Overdubs Cancelled

March 3rd, 2017

Matt and I had intended to come into open lab again today but unfortunately he caught the flu that has been going around during this crazy weather.

We originally planned to re-record a clean take for “Diary” as well as organs for “Diary” and the keyboard solo in “These Walls” that we couldn’t quite get during the first session.

I planned to use the Cascade Fatheads again and try out the DPA 4006-TL’s for Piano, a pair of SM-57’s and a D112 for the Leslie cabinet and the Korg Triton LE.  I may be able to organize another session with Matt so that we can at least get the Organ parts.

Below are the session documents showing how I intended to run the session.

Later that night I was able to practice working on rap vocals with a friend for a couple hours on the TL console using the Aston Spirit microphone.

Mic Input Sheet- I wasnt sure if I would use the second cabinet so I left most of the info for “Cab 2” blank.
Patch Sheet- I intended to use the API’s for the second piano session.
Loose sketch of the live room



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