Piano Overdubs

February 3rd, 2017

I worked with Matt on recording Piano during open lab hours in the SSL.  I close miked the inside of piano with a pair of DPA 4052’s.  One mic was aimed at the lower strings and the other at the higher strings.  Matt showed me the range of keys he was using so I was able to decide where to point the microphones based on that.  I used a pair of Cascade Fatheads in Blumlein about 2 feet away from the side of the piano where the lid was open to capture more of the ambience of the piano in the live room.  I had planned to use a pair of Octava MK 012’s in Coincident XY above the piano hammers but the mic stands I chose to use weren’t strong enough to hold both mics on the stereo bar without sinking.  I was worried that these microphones would hit the piano strings if we did use them so I decided that the DPA’s and Fatheads were enough.

We first focused on the lead piano part in “These Walls” and then moved to the Korg Triton LE keyboard for the keyboard solo that happens in “These Walls” during the breakdown.  Matt also played a solo on the actual piano.  I think that the piano solo sounded better than the keyboard solo.  Once “These Walls” was done we went back to the piano to record “Diary.”

Matt was not satisfied with the piano take he played for “Diary.”  He felt as though he would be able to nail it if he had another week to practice the song.  I felt as though I could probably comp together a good take from what we recorded but I agreed that we would come back in a week to re-record the piano for “Diary.”




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