Saturday Sessions

March 4th, 2017

A few of us were able to schedule sessions this past Saturday with our department head, Mr. David Kennedy, who agreed to come in for a couple Saturdays.  This helped a lot because weekdays haven’t been convenient for a couple of my musicians.  I could have found another musician to replace them but because of the Saturday session I didn’t have to.

I was able to record lead vocals for “Diary” with Arryana and guitar for both songs with Austin.  My session with Arryana ran a little late so Austin had to sit with me for a little while before we could start on his parts but other than that I am happy with what we completed that day.

For Arryana’s vocals I decided to shootout the Neumann U87 and the Aston Spirit to see which one I preferred on her voice.  I actually thought the Aston Spirit had a little more bass and sounded a little bit smoother than the U87 but I was able to get more clean gain out of the U87 than the Spirit.

The TL console is set up to only have phantom power on channel strips 21-24.  So I had to patch both vocal mics from the mic lines 1 & 2 into mic inputs 21 & 22.

Austin brought in his ’73 Fender Telecaster and a Hot Rod Blues Jr. Fender amp.  I mic’ed his amp with an SM 57 and also recorded a DI signal from his guitar.

Aston Spirit and Neumann U87
Patching vocal mics into Phantom Power
Blanket covering drums during recording



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