Violin Overdubs

March 2nd, 2017 at 7:15pm I had a session scheduled with Francis to record violins on “These Walls” through the Toft ATB24 console.  Since the session was later it gave me time to make sure I had everything set up correctly in my Pro Tools session.

I’ve only recorded violin once before and I used at AT 4051.  I wanted to try different things this time.  I placed a pair of Cole 438’s in blumlein about 45 inches away from the violin and placed them about 6 feet up.  I also placed a Royer 121 over her left shoulder (so that it would not interfere with her playing) and an AKG 414 in front of her about 15 inches away.

I have tried to use the Vintech pre-amps twice this semester so that I can practice using it and decide if I like its tone but I ran into problems both times while using the TL Audio M4 console.  There is a Vintech power supply already set up in the same room as the Toft console so I figured I would try the Vintech again to see if I would have a different outcome this time.  It worked fine with the Toft console and I was able to run all four microphones through the the 473 pre-amps.  I used XLR to TT adapters to patch the mic lines into the Vintech and then patched them directly into the patch bay so that the signal would send to Pro Tools.

The session ran pretty smoothly.  In the original version of “These Walls” it appears as though they are using a string pad for the part we were trying to imitate.  This makes it sound as though a small string section is playing.  It is possible that I may not have time to record other string parts (cello, viola) so she gave me several takes of several chord progressions so that I could layer them to give the impression of a larger violin sound.

Some of my fellow classmates are recording bands at once and then overdubbing certain instruments.  There are a lot of advantages to that method, one being that ideally it may only take a few sessions or so to complete the recording process (since they’re only doing 1 or 2 songs).  I chose to pick several musicians and bring them in on separate days to record.  For me this has worked out better because it’s allowed me the time and focus to shootout different microphones and make sure I get what I need during each session.  I have to schedule more sessions but I am feeling comfortable with how everything is coming together.

Microphones used. The final mic position of the AKG 414 and Royer 121 are not shown.
Vintech 473 Pre-Amp



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