Project Update (3/9-3/17)

March 17th, 2017

I’m pretty behind in my blog updates so I’m going to give a brief recap of the last couple of weeks.  Thursday 3/9/17 I met with a past teacher, Mr. Boyd, to go over some ideas for my two studio songs.  I got a lot of insight on small, simple adjustments I can make to make the songs sound clearer.  Something in particular that it made me realize was that the mic placement I used when recording pianos made my pianos sound somewhat muddy and unclear.  Especially on “Diary.”

Friday I was able to re-record the pianos for “Diary” with Matt from 2-4:30pm through the SSL Duality SE console.  We decided to leave the piano in the smaller room, unlike our first session.  We also used different microphones to try and get a brighter sound.  Two Neumann U87’s in a spaced pair along the open side of the piano lid and two Neuman KM-184’s in a spaced pair above the hammer heads.  We were hoping to achieve more clarity with the placement of the KM-184’s.  We ran those microphones through the Focusrite Red 1 Quad Mic Pre to see how it would sound.

I had also planned to record background vocals with Zal that same Friday from 5-9pm but unfortunately Zal was sick and unable to record his vocal parts.  We were able to reschedule for March 23rd.  I will also be recording my second female vocals that day so we decided we could record both of their vocals together.

I’ve been spending my spring break in Paris, Fracne with a friend so I actually haven’t been doing any recording.  I do however plan to finish some editing for these last couple of days before Monday.

Focusrite Red 1 Quad Mic Pre
Paris! (Notre Dame Cathedral)

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