Audio For Video (Mix Template)

I had previously used Jing to capture my desktop screen as I went through my Mix Template tutorial for my audio for video project.  Unfortunately Jing only lets you export .SWF files (some trick they seem to be using to get you to buy their video editing/conversion software “Camtasia”).  Bryant suggested that I use OBS which allows you to choose different file formats for your video.  I don’t believe OBS is as convenient as Jing.  I ended up needing to make video edits to my video (which unfortunately is not possible in Pro Tools).  I do not own a video editing software for my MacBook so I downloaded the trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro.  After making my edits there I brought the video into my Pro Tools session.

I checked out an MXL 2010 microphone and a Handheld H4N Zoom Recorder for the weekend so that I could record the vocals for my tutorial.  Overall I do think my vocals ended up sounding kind of boxy so I think it will be best if I re-record them.  There are also some timing issues I would like to fix.  I was able to edit my video down to five minutes.  You can view it below:


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