ReMix Editing

April 6th, 2017

I dedicated a good portion of my time to my remix project to make sure I would be able to complete it by Tuesday.  I have chosen to use Pro Tools to edit my remix.  I was going to try working in Reason but I’m not as familiar with the program so using Pro Tools made more sense.

I imported the provided audio tracks I thought I might use into a Pro Tools session (some guitars, the kick, the snare, the bass and the vocal pads).

I cycled through the tracks searching for loops I thought I’d be able to work with.  I chose a guitar loop to be the base of my song and set the tempo in Pro Tools.  I built a beat using a sampled kick and snare from the song.  I made a variation for the chorus.  I added a separate guitar loop as the intro to my song but I’m not sure yet if I’ll keep that piece.  Some effects I used on the guitars were Reversal, Time Shift (to slow the clips) and Vari-Fi (to create a slow down and speed up effect).

I imported three vocal pads and printed them onto one track to make them easier to work with.  I printed several different versions to give myself more options (some with 2 harmonies, some with 3 harmonies and then those same combinations but with a “React-Fi” plug-in set to “Alternate”).

I used shorter versions of the vocal pads to create an ambience in the song.  Some effects I used on the vocal pads were Sci-Fi, Air Kill EQ (cutting the Highs), Air Dynamic Delay and Air Spring Reverb.   I also chopped up the same vocal pads on another track and scrambled them to make a stutter effect and I varied this with longer clips in the chorus.


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