Violin Tuning

April 07th, 2017

Friday I spent time in open lab tuning the violins I recorded for “These Walls.”  The violins weren’t far out of tune but I figured it could only help the sound.  There were a total of 25 violin tracks (each layering at different parts).  So to make them easier to edit I selected all 25 tracks in the edit window and went up to “File” scrolled down to “Export” and chose “Selected Tracks As New Session.”  This created a new Pro Tools session with only the 25 violin tracks.

I inserted the plug-in Melodyne onto each violin track.  I then created 25 new mono audio tracks so that I could print my tuned violins to the new tracks.  I went through each track and adjusted the violins until they were in tune.  When I was done I adjusted my levels and printed all 25 tracks to one audio track.  This way I can re-import the violins into an updated session of “These Walls” as one track so that it doesn’t overwhelm Pro Tools.

I will be using the same technique when I tune my vocal tracks.


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