Audio for Video (Dance Video)

April 13th, 2017

Thursday I booked the SSL Duality so that I could use the live room as a space for my dancer to perform for my audio for video project.  I cleared out a space where the drums are usually placed.  We recorded five takes of her dancing using a Canon D3100.  I originally planned to use two Audio Technica U851A Boundary Microphone’s to pick up the sound of her feet movements.  This didn’t work the way I planned because I had to play the poem out of my phone so that she could reference it while she danced.  I thought about having her perform one last take without the poem so that I could just pick up the sound of her feet but I decided not to because she was getting pretty tired.  One issue that I perceived for the video editing was that the dance was more of a freestyle with particular movements that stayed the same so it will be hard to sync the videos.  I will likely just have to choose the best take.


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