Location Recording “Inspire One”

April 18th, 2017

Tuesday I made a new version of the Pro Tools session for “These Walls.”  I imported all of the recently tuned audio files.  I have a lot of cleaning up to do in this session.

I also made three Pro Tools sessions for each of the songs that the band (“Inspire One”) planned to record during our Location Recording in the Cuyahoga Community College Auditorium (Metropolitan Campus. Arts and Music Building).  The songs were “Soundwave,” “Harmonic Groove,” and “Misfit.”  I checked out all my equipment at 3:15pm so that I would make it to the auditorium in time for our reservation at 4:00pm.  Bryant and Javier both took the time to come help me set up.  This helped a lot because while they started setting microphones on stands and moving equipment I was able to set up the daisy chained Saffire System and rearrange my tracks as needed.

We had a rough idea of how the band would be set up but this changed once we arrived.  The Saffire Pro 40 interfaces only allow for phantom power to be activated in banks of four (for ex: channels 1-4 and 5-8).  I forgot to plan for this and I had to rearrange my input path to compensate for this (I had three ribbon microphones and I needed to make sure I didn’t send phantom power to them).

Once we were set up the only issue we encountered was waiting for the band to be ready.  I intended to be ready to record at 5:30pm but I did not realize the bass and saxophone player both were performing in a show at 7:00pm in the College’s Main Stage Theatre.  This meant that they had to go to their microphone check for the show at around 5:30pm.  We didn’t officially start recording until around 6:00pm.  The band was able to record all three songs (2-3 full takes each) by 7:00pm.  I kept having an issue with my right over head microphone clipping (Audio Technica 4050).  I tried moving it back from the kit a bit but the issue continued.  I didn’t have time to figure it out so I let it slide.

I decided it would be best to record the vocals afterwards so that there was no bleed and so that she would be able to hear the band through headphones.  We began recording vocals offstage but we decided that it would be best to do it another day because the vocalist was having problems with her allergies.  We scheduled for her to come into the studio with me on Thursday at 5:15pm.  We finished cleaning up around 8:30pm (which was 30 minutes after we were supposed to be done).  Thankfully Stephen (the ) allowed us to stay that long.  Next time I’ll have to factor in clean up time and communicate with the band more effectively about their availability.

Daisy chained Focusrite interfaces.  Bryant and Javier helping out.
Stage Plot and Input List
Song and Input List (13-16 did not receive phantom power)

*Changes in mics used:

Violin: Octava MK 012
Saxophone/Trombone: Beyerdynamic Ribbon Mics
Piano: 2 Audio Technica 4050



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