Location Recording Pre-Pro

April 12th, 2017

I spent this evening comping the vocals that I recorded in the Yamaha DM 2000. for “These Walls.”  I also tuned these vocals in Melodyne.

Now that I have the place confirmed for my location recording (College Auditorium) I completed my equipment check out sheet so that I could have Mr. Hartzell sign it.  I wanted to get it signed well in advance so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it later on.  Below is a list of the instruments being recorded and the microphones I intend to use.

Drums: Kick MB-6K Kick Mic (Audio Technica Drum Mic Pack)
Snare Top Shure SM-57
Overheads 2 Audio Technica 4050’s
Bass: Countryman D.I.
-Bass Amp: Shure SM-57
Piano: 2 MXL 2010’s
Keyboard: 2 Countryman D.I.’s
Guitar: Countryman D.I.
-Guitar Amp: Shure SM-57
Saxophone: Cascade Fathead or Royer 121
Trombone: Cascade Fathead or Royer 121
Violin: Audio Technica 4051
Vocalist: Shure SM-58

I will need at least 16 inputs if I mic the band this way.  I discussed this with Andrew.  He explained to me that I could daisy chain to Focosrite Saffire Pro 40’s together so that I would have 16 inputs.  I hook this up by plugging the double sided Firewire 6-pin connector from one Saffire into the other.  I then designate one to be the “master” and plug this one into the computer using a second Firewire Cable.  Once this is hooked up I turn on the computer.  Once I see the “F/W Active” Led light is on in both interfaces I open up the Saffire Mix Control.  I then check to see if both interfaces are recognized in the “Firewire Driver” section in the lower right hand corner.  Now when I open Pro Tools and import my I/O Settings I should see two sets of eight inputs from each Saffire interface.  Andrew also suggested that I test each of the 16 inputs with a Condensor microphone to ensure that each input and phantom power for each input was working properly.


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