Vocal Make Ups

April 20th, 2017

I had already booked time in the Yamaha DM 2000 to work on editing my projects but because I wasn’t able to record vocals for my location project on Tuesday I asked the vocalist to come in today and overdub her vocals.  We used an Audio Technica 4050 Condenser Microphone.  We did three or four takes of “Soundwave” (which only has vocals during the intro) and we only did one take of vocals for “Misfit.”  The vocalist was tired and didn’t want to stay long.  I also told her not to worry about it too much since it was technically supposed to be a location recording.

After we finished with that Javier came to the school to record a small male vocal part for “These Walls.”  I also did a pass of the same vocal part just in case they needed to be replaced or added to.

I also played a rough edit of my Audio For Video project for Javier.  He suggested that I use some walla (background noise ex: a crowd, bar noise, street noise) in my video to give it an ambience.  I think that it definitely needs something to add to the feel of it since I wasn’t able to get the foot sounds that I wanted.  There is also a part where the dancer claps so I recorded claps while I was in the studio so that I could use them to overdub.

He also suggested using synth pads from a keyboard to fill up a lot of the space that seems to be missing in “These Walls” when compared to the original.  I am trying to stray away from recording any more in the last two weeks of Capstone.  Francis suggested that I duplicate and highly process certain tracks to get the effect I believe the song needs.  I will probably do this instead due to time constraints.


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