Wrapping Up

May 9th, 2017

I have spent he past week making last minute edits and mixing my five songs.  For the most part I have been mixing at home using Pro Tools 12.5 and a pair of Audio Technica Headphones (M50x’s).  I have been printing the mixes and listening to them in my car to see if I notice anything that needs to be changed.  Since I do not have a pair of speakers at home I came to the college today to listen to my mixes on the JBL speakers through the D-Command control surface.  I listened in mono so that I could better understand what might be lost when my mixes are listened to through different devices.  I made final adjustments and exported my laybacks.  I will have a couple people listen to my mixes and hopefully I will be able to come back to the school tomorrow to make final changes if necessary.

My critique will be this Thursday May 11th at 10:30am.  I am also making notes on each project to have with me during the presentation so that I don’t forget anything.