Mix Project

My final mix of “Happy Landing” by My Mouth Is The Speaker.



General Project Update

April 3rd, 2017

Diary (Studio Song):  The recording for this song is complete.  I just need to tune vocals, clean up the tracks and create a mix.

These Walls (Studio Song 2): I still need to record female vocals and add in saxophone MIDI. I also have to tune my vocals and the violins before I begin mixing this song.

Audio For Video (A4V): I have one audio for video project completed but I’m not happy with it.  I recently performed in the choreo-poem “For Colored Girls.”  One section of the performance consisted of a dancer performing during a poem.  I thought it would be interesting to record the audio of the poem and the video of the dancer for my A4V.

During the performance of the play last week the sound engineer (Josh) let me record the main outs of the Soundcraft K2 board into a Zoom H4N Recorder using a XLR to 1/4″ cable.  The performer used a Shure Beta 58 Dynamic microphone.

Location Recording: I also have a location recording that I’m not completely satisfied with. I have been speaking with an 8 piece groove fusion band named “Inspire One” to coordinate a time and place for us to record.

Mix: It’s been a while since I’ve revisited my mix project.  I have to work on dynamics and signal processing.

Remix: I have worked on a couple of ideas for my ReMix but I’m going to spend the majority of my time working on it this week so that it is ready to turn in on Tuesday April 11th.

Pre-Production (Drums)

Today I turned in the first draft of my mix.  One note that I received was that I should bring the guitars out more during the solo.  We’ll be receiving peer reviews as well so I’ll be able to make more improvements based on that critique.  My drummer and I have decided to record Thursday February 9th.  I spent a little time filling out forms for my Thursday Drum session.  Below is a list of mics that I plan to use.  I am miking mt overheeads in Coincident XY and “RecorderMan” to see which sound I like better for these songs.

Kick In: Audix D6
Kick Out: Yamaha Subkick
Snare Top: Shure SM 57
Snare Bottom: Shure SM 57
Tom 1: Sennheiser MD 421
Tom 2: Sennheiser MD 421
Floor Tom: Sennheiser MD 421
Hi Hat: AT 4051
OH L (XY): Cascade Fathead
OH R (XY): Cascade Fathead
OH L (Recorder Man): AT 4050
OH R (Recorder Man): AT 4050

Recorder Man Overhead Miking Technique



The week of Jan. 22nd

23 Monday I spent time creating sessions for “Diary,” “These Walls,” my location recording and mixes.  I added all anticipated tracks, BPM, Time signature, the original song and reference material as well as organized and color coded the tracks.  I chose “Make My” by The Roots as my reference for “These Walls.”  I am still searching for a song to use as reference material for “Diary.”

24 Tuesday I had my first meeting with Mr. Hartzell about my progress so far.  In class he spoke about not breaking the chain.  In other words, I should work on something Capstone related everyday to avoid falling behind.  I also spoke with Celeste about the music sheets for the two songs I plan to cover (“Diary” and “These Walls”).  She understands music theory much better than I do.  I’m working with her to make sure I can provide my artists with the tools they will  need to perform well.

25 Wednesday I was supposed to meet with my drummer this past Friday.  He had something come up so we spoke about rescheduling our meeting.

26 Thursday I began working on my mix and received some tips from Mr. Kennedy and Russell.  They suggested finding the tempo and key of the song first, creating markers for every part of the song and cleaning up anything that isn’t needed.  I also met with my drummer for a short meeting so that we could practice a bit, go over some ideas for the songs and figure out what days would work best for recording.

27 Friday Francis and I spent some time in the Toft to practice setting up, miking, and recording a drum set.  Later that night I saw “Yana” perform at Take5.  She will be singing on “Diary.”  I recorded her show with a Zoom handheld recorder for reference.

Input sheet for Friday Drum practice*

*Overheads: used AT-4050 in place of Cascade Fatheads
Hi Hat: used Neumann KM-184 in place of AT 4041

Yanna at Take5