Location Recording Project

The final mix of my location recording with the groove fusion band “Inspire One.”  The song is titled “Soundwave.”


Self Doubt/Fear

This video gives a couple simple techniques for conquering your fears.  I chose it because something I have trouble with is self doubt and giving in to my fears.  It causes me to delay moving forward in certain areas because I’m afraid of failing or I’m afraid I’m not ready.  I’ve been doubting myself throughout this Capstone project but I am seeing that as I work through it the fear becomes insignificant.  Usually when I confront fears it’s because I have no other choice.  I want it to become a deliberate decision that I make.

This video talks about the difference between being fearless and being courageous.  No one is fearless because that would mean that they do not feel fear.  Instead people who confront their fears are courageous.  To be courageous you have to make a change in your mind to see fear as an opportunity for growth and endless possibilities.